Can I change the project owner?

Yes! The project owner should follow these steps-
• Login to OSIOS
• Select the project
• Select the cog underneath the menu’s on the left-hand-side
• Select who you want to become the Project Owner, and what you wish you role to change to

Please note: You will only be able to transfer the project to a full OSIOS member (not a collaborator)

Lost my password

If you attempt to login at www.osios.net/mobileprojects unsuccessfully, a ‘Forgot your password?’ option will appear. Please click, and follow the steps.

Is OSIOS really as good as they say?

In a word Yes!
But don’t take our word for it – give it a go. Visit www.osios.net/pricing to select your preferred plan.

What if I want to quit OSIOS?

You can cancel your agreement with OSIOS at any time though your account settings, no fuss, and no drama.

When does my license expire?

We do not sell a license as such. Your subscription is ongoing until you cancel your agreement. If you cancel your agreement, you may be liable for an initial fee payment if you choose to rejoin later.

Who are all the possible OSIOS user profiles?

There are four types; Owner, Project Manager, Developer, and client.

Do you have different OSIOS visibility depending on who is logged in?

In a word yes – there are five levels; Project Owner, Lead Developer, Lead Client, Client Team member, and Developer Team member.

Each has access to slightly different tools to suit their needs, and has slightly different administration rights.

Do you have document management?

Yep – indeed we do. Each project has a project brief, which is displayed inside the ‘Scope’ module. This can be updated at any time, and those changes are both documented, and highlighted. Files can be added to the Project brief, any ‘Chat’, and additionally screen visuals (wireframes, sketches, visuals) can be added to the ‘Design’ section.

Can I send email attachments to my clients through OSIOS?

You can add files easily to any ‘Chat’. You can also add files to the Project brief, and screen visuals to ‘Design’ as you wish.

How does OSIOS keep track of tasks my developers have to do?

You can create a ‘ToDo’ item inside any ‘Chat’. Once created you can assign this to anyone involved in the projected (you can also dates, files, additional comments etc as you need).

Additionally you can create project ‘Phases’, ‘Milestones’, and ‘Tasks’ – which are typically project critical items through the ‘Track’ module.

Does OSIOS help with App marketing?

OSIOS is not a marketing platform.

OSIOS is great at getting your app developed fast, with rapid prototyping, and full documentation.

Can OSIOS build a mock-up of the App?

Even before you start writing code OSIOS can display your sketches, and visuals inside a mobile device, with clickable buttons to allow complete navigation of the app BEFORE it’s even been built. Cool huh!

I have tough clients, they won’t even read the stuff I send them, can OSIOS help?

We can relate, but we have the solution –

Even if your client is 100% visual, and won’t read any of the great documentation you are sending them, do not fear…

We have built in features so that OSIOS ‘speaks’ to your customers in multiple modalities (such as visual, kinaesthetic, auditory and so on). So for example those clients that are totally visual, can just hit ‘Play’ and watch the latest App changes in front of them – works brilliantly.

Can OSIOS help me handle difficult customers?

It can do better than that, it will help them stop becoming difficult in the first place. Increased transparency, automatically documenting Change Requests effectively removes any potential for disputes over who asked for what, when, and if it was part of the original brief.

It makes the whole process less stressful, everything just works seamlessly.

How do I ensure my clients don’t read my comments/rants to colleagues?

No fear-

You can create as many ‘Rooms‘ as you like – only those that you invite into that Room can see, hear, or contribute to that conversation.

What is ‘Smart Reply’?

We’re glad you asked –

As we hope the name implies, it’s a highly automated way to create, reply and respond to messages. Honestly – its easier to see it and use it than it is to explain it, but here goes…

You, your client, or anyone involved in the project can review the screen designs in the ‘Design’ module. They may often have comments to make for several screen designs. They can do this easily – they can navigate and make comments on as many pages as they wish. Every message is stored, and shown to the user.

When you or your colleague has completed all their notes, then you hit the ‘Smart Reply’ button and all your messages will be saved. And your colleagues receive ONE message.

This approach avoids multiple emails for every single note, when it’s not needed.

Do you handle invoicing in OSIOS?

Whilst OSIOS is not a replacement for your invoicing solution, it’s a great way to share estimates, and invoices.

We recommend creating a separate ‘Room’ to share your finance related items.

I’m a mahoosive company, is this relevant for us?

Yes- If you’re a big company, you understand that reducing risk in your projects is vital. And there is no better way to achieve that by using the only project management solution dedicated to your industry.

But I’m a really small company, do I still need it?

Would you rather get back to what you are best at, producing great Apps – or spend most of your day writing up documentation, that is out-of-date as soon as you’ve written it?

OSIOS pricing is scalable, so even if you a baby developer with just one client, there is a viable, helpful and desirable solution for you. Take the OSIOS trial and check it out for yourself – what have you got to lose?

How does the pricing work?

Pricing is scalable depending on how many projects you run at the same time. So if you have lots of projects on the go, or just one – there is a solution for you.

Visit the pricing page to select the best package for you and your business.

How much is it?

Cost depends on how many projects you need to run at the same time.

OSIOS is scalable to suit your specific needs. Prices are charged per month to avoid large upfront costs which you probably prefer not to have – right?!

Why do I need it, I already use Basecamp, Trello, Google docs and others?

In which case – you really need OSIOS–

Don’t get us wrong, Basecamp is a great tool, in the past we used it ourselves. But the reality is Basecamp, Google docs, Trello, and all the others are generic solutions that have not been designed with mobile App developers needs in mind. And as a consequence they simply do not include the features that you need, and don’t actually speed up the projects very much if at all.

OSIOS is custom built for your needs, and that’s why it works so well.

What does it do?

OSIOS is an online Design & Project Management solution, created specifically for mobile App developers.

It will speed up your projects, reduce client disputes, and increase your profit.

It achieves this by establishing best-business-practises within your projects, and has the tools to achieve them, tools that have never been available before, and will make a dramatic speed hike in your development cycle.

Does OSIOS stand for anything?

Yes, faster, better app projects, and world peace of course!

There is a lot of speculation around the origination of the name OSIOS, the mystery continues.

Why the stupid name?

We like it, and for now, you are stuck with it!

What is OSIOS?

Osios is an online project management solution created specifically for mobile App developers.

It uses an optimised project management solution devised by several top mobile app developments, and project managers so that the whole industry can benefit from faster projects, reduced risk of disputes, and increased profit. Cool huh!

Can OSIOS build me an App website?

I’m glad you asked-

This is something we have spent some time researching. If this is a feature you’d like to see, then please let us know.

Is my data protected?

Yes- OSIOS uses leading encryption to protect your data online, and use various redundancy techniques to ensure that even if the unexpected is to happen, we have an effective backup plan. Your data will always be protected, backed up, and available.

Can I brand OSIOS using my own logo?

Yes- Just go to the settings section under your avatar, to upload your logo. The whole platform will be effectively branded as your own.

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