What can Richard Branson’s, Hugh Grant’s and Jamie Oliver’s ski holiday’s teach you about business?

What feels like a life-time ago I was believe-it-or-not a professional ski guide. Working in the French Alps, for a great ski chalet company. (I had previously set myself the goal of ski a whole winter season, and since I didn't have massive amount of money at the time I wanted someone else to pay for it.) "I ...
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We got unplugged-

Apologies - our London-H server got unplugged - In total our London-H server was down for a total of 44 minutes at approximately midday today (London time, Tue 6th September), due to emergency maintenance on the Storage Area Network. I apologise for any frustration, and challenges that this may have caused. I'm pleased to confirm that this issue has now ...
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‘Track’ is Live!

Very pleased to announce that our new 'Track' feature is LIVE! Keeping your project on-track (and your clients happy), has never been this easy. At-a-glance project info-graphics reveal exactly what's been completed, and what remains outstanding. You've never had this good You can measure, and assign 'effort' to your Tasks using man-hours, man-days, or story-points. Milestones and Task's ...
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Why Software Projects Fail

This is an extract from our recent 'Fix It – Get Your App project Back-On-Track in 24 Hours' report- It may alarm you to learn that software projects get cancelled more than any other project. Let me repeat that - SOFTWARE PROJECTS GET CANCELLED MORE THAN ANY OTHER INDUSTRY! Download it now - by clicking on the image/link ...
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tvOS is here

If you want More business, More customers, More profit - then Apple just did you a big favour- As you have probably heard, Apple announced a wealth of new products. Most captivating of all is the official announcement of tvOS. Yep- you can now develop sexy apps for your clients, and put them right-there on the ...
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App Developers: Here’s Why Choosing Your Niche Is Essential To Success!

What’s the secret to building apps that skyrocket? You know the ones. They’re the apps that everyone has – the ones they’re showing to all their friends, the ones that pop up at the top of every review you ever see. Basically, the ones that achieve total global domination. If you’re a pretty awesome app developer but ...
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Why App Testing and Analytics Matter –

What’s the biggest complaint that you see come up in the “reviews” section for an app? Lousy UI? Ugly colour scheme? Nope. It’s usually those pesky little things like constant crashes, crappy performance, massive battery drain… You can kind of see why users get a little “grumpy”, right? And grumpy users mean really, really grumpy clients. So how ...
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Why I had to create OSIOS

Why I Had to Create OSIOS?

"Because my app business would have died without it". Let me explain... App business owner I was the owner and manager of a small App Development Company in the UK. I got into the App game early on, in 2009- creating the first metro/under-ground/subway app for Moscow (which I'm pleased to say did rather well). We actually released and ...
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OSIOS v2.02 launched

You make us stronger!

Ford famously had an advertising campaign back in the 1980's where their proclaimed 'You don't stay ahead, by standing still' – we couldn't agree more. Put frankly, we don't care where good ideas come from. That said in our experience, the best suggestions come from our users. People like you working tirelessly day-after-day to produce ...
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8 Savvy App Experts Reveal App Development Secrets

I present to you a magical list of tips from renowned tech gurus on how to successfully develop an  app.  These experts were asked to answer three questions: What is the secret to creating a successful app? What’s the best way to validate the usefulness of an app idea or concept? What collaboration tools ...
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6 Must Have Tools for Mobile App Developers

You want your next app to be fast, fantastic and all together drool-worthy, right? Well, the key to making sure this happens is having the right tools! Because without them, no matter how brilliant your idea is, you’re always going to be a step behind the rest of the game. So step up to the plate and show ...
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Promote Your App

Want to Promote Your App? Here’s How to Make It Shine!

What is it with you app developers coming up with totally awesome apps – and never actually getting them out there? I mean, sure, you’ve uploaded it on to the market. You’ve even popped a status update on your Facebook page. (Really, if you haven’t even done that – then you get minus fairy points.) But ...
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5 Great Tools for Super-Fast App Development

Developers, your job today is getting easier by the second, but don’t worry I won’t tell your clients! Here are 5 awesome tools to help you knock out top-notch work faster than ever. These tools are cloud-based, no-code or low-code and set to explode your business with quick prototyping and overall speediness. If you can ...
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Here’s How Your Clients Look For YOU

Ahh, the App Developers and the Client – that mysterious beast we all want to hunt down, but no one really knows where they live. Or do we? Do you want to put yourself past 95% of your competition in the next hour in terms of understanding your target client? Sounds too good to be ...
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APP DEVELOPERS – How to Promote Your App Development Services

Got some amazing application development services and skills and just itching to get started for some lucky client? The good news is – your skills have never been in such high demand as today! And the better news is although there is high competition, 95% of app developers have no idea how to find clients. With ...
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How to Use Groovy Responsive App Icons

“When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot…. make your app like water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee Ok, you might have guessed Bruce Lee actually said you – not ...
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Super-Effective Project Management for App Developers

Don’t you just hate it when a bad program makes you look bad too? Personally, nothing grinds my gears more! The ideal project management for app developers would do a heck of a lot more than just smooth out the communication process and take away that stress. I think the number one thing it should do ...
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App Developers! Is Elance a good place to find clients?

Take off your glasses for a second and let’s try looking at the world through the eyes of our prospective clients instead. Most businesses or entrepreneurs with an idea who need an app (who need you) will start browsing online without a clue where to begin. And the fact is Elance comes up quickly. It’s ...
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The 3 Shocking Secrets to Finding Your Killer App Niche

You wanna find a badass beast of a niche for your app? A crowd of ravenously hungry buyers clamouring for your product like the zombies from World War Z, or overnight camping Apple-nuts waiting for the new iPhone?  (Not sure who’s more zealous there!) Well, I’ve got good news for you… and bad news too. You see, ...
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How to Build a Mobile App People LOVE

Let me ask you a question; do you wanna build a mobile app? Or do you wanna build a mobile app that nails it and gets thousands of users loving it? There are two very different roads leading to the App Store. One of those roads is the one most traveled and really could take ...
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How Much Will YOUR App Development Cost?

An app business really is a beautiful one to get into. Because it’s cheap, you don’t need an office so overheads are low. Your one biggest number at the start is going to be the app development cost.  So this is a critical question I get asked all day long; “App Fairy, how much will ...
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Virgin is Red, Twitter is Blue, Pick the Right Colour, Make ‘em Love You!

Take a look at your smart phone. Go on, right now. See all those little app icons peeking shyly, or glaring boldly, up at you? Notice what colours they are, and which ones really grab you.  Perhaps you’ve selected mostly apps of one colour you just love.  Or do you notice any patterns to the colour ...
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How to Kick Ass with App Analytics

Do you know your app users’ activities and behaviours like the back of your hand? I never really got that analogy. I mean I don’t really spend that much time looking at mine. So let’s try again; do you know what, when and how your users do anything with your app as well as you know ...
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Project Management Tools and Techniques for App Developers

No matter how mind-bendingly beautiful your app idea is, a large part of your success comes down to the project and how well you manage it. And I’ve got one question for you buddy; How good are you at juggling? Yes, project management is all about juggling. It’s about keeping the balance of people management, business management, ...
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The 4 Best Mockup Tools for App and Web Developers

Busy developing the next Clash of the Clans? Save yourself a tonne of time and costly mistakes my friend, and make yourself a great mockup or two nice and early on in the process. Whether it’s app or website, mockups are a crucial part of a successful development process and woe betide anyone who ...
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7 Simple Steps to Branding a Killer App Business

So, you’ve got your fantastic ground-breaking new app business ready to shake up the world! Now for the big question – how do ya’ brand it?! What’s the name, the image, the feel of it going to be? We’ll assume for now that your app really does solve a genuine problem, and it’s got a tonne of ...
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You may like to know that OSIOS.net is resistant to the viral strain known as HeartBleed. Is yours? See the third-party report from our friends (we've never actually met) at DigiCert did for OSIOS, confirming a clean bill of health ...
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How to break the OSIOS encryption…

Your data is important, that's why we use DigiCert encryption technology. It may be the most expensive solution, but it's the best. But if you want to crack it - watch this video.. ...
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OSIOS visit Shanghai

Mobile Asia Expo – Shanghai

Didn't make it, couldn't afford the air fare, didn't fancy eating dog (or is that  Korea), or can't be doing with the Chinese very unique visa entrance policy (that's a blatant personal dig there after being refused entry) – whatever the reason, we've saved you the hassle. For a full list of the 2014 exhibitors ...
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Design grid templates

Use these complementary design grids to create your app wireframes In our recent article Simple tool, big impact we highlight the power that seemingly simple wireframe sketches can have on a mobile app project, and we showed you the best tools to use to achieve the very best results. Well we wanted to go a step ...
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Simple tool, big impact

The humble design tool that every mobile app creator must make a critical part of their development…   Whilst millions of mobile apps have been created, the journey an app concept makes through it’s life from that initial spark of idea, through re-iterations, design, development all the way to the app store is largely surprisingly similar. As ...
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How much funding do you need? (spoof)

OK I know- we really need to stop sharing these Vooza video's, but they are so damn good. If you're involved in app development, or a business, then this one is for you.. ...
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KickStarter or FriendKicker?

Can anyone relate to this, or just me? ...
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Projector Terror

The projector terror!

Had to share this humorous video from our friends at Vooza- ...
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OSIOS AppImage 3D trick

Use 3D tricks to amaze your clients

‘Stunning’ – that’s what one client said when they received this… You may have already Wow-ed your customer using our first photoshop script (if not, check it out here). But you told us you want more goodies, so here we are… Using the same principals as before, download and install this OSIOS photoshop script. Press the button, ...
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Iconic Icons…

  These icons illustrate the three great App icon categories. Icons that pay homage to, and reflect their real-world references. Text based solutions such as YouTube and the BBC Apps. And those that strive for total minimalism, an approach adopted by Apple since Scott Forstall was famously ousted from Apple.  How to create a highly stimulating ...
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Create stunning app posters in less than 5 seconds

‘Wow’ your clients - but don’t tell them how long it took you. This FREE Photoshop script makes it a breeze Here’s a rocket-fast way of surpassing your clients’ expectations, making yourself look absolutely brilliant, and saving a ton of time in the process. It’s a hardworking piece of script we call the OSIOS AppPoster. It’s ...
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Welcome to OSIOS.net!

We will be providing some insights into the world of mobile App development on these pages over the coming weeks, months, and years. If you have a particular area, or subject you’d like us to cover then be sure to let us know, and we’ll see what we can do. Look out for tools, and tricks ...
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